Our Founders Legacy

The man that took down the KKK is now taking on the NRA.

Morris Dees, America’s most acclaimed trial lawyer, founded the Justice Center of America, as the organization to continue his lifelong fight against hate and injustice in 2019. The JCA supports and funds The Association of Responsible Gun Owners. Following a successful business and law career fighting hate groups and white supremist and injustice. After launching a law practice in Montgomery, AL in 1960, he won a series of groundbreaking civil rights cases that helped integrate government and public institutions.

Known for his innovative lawsuits that crippled some of America’s most notorious white supremacist hate groups, Morris has received more than 20 honorary degrees and numerous national awards for his civil and human rights work. In 1991, NBC aired a made-for-TV movie called “Line of Fire” about Dees and his landmark legal victories against the Ku Klux Klan.

For the past five decades, Morris Dees has dedicated his life to fighting hate and injustice. His passion for taking on hate groups, extremism, and domestic terrorists has led him to his newest battle – taking on the NRA.

Support the Justice Center of America

The Morris Dees Justice Foundation is a non-profit organization founded with the promise to continue the legacy of fighting hate and injustice by Morris Dees – A legacy defined by the fight for equality and a future dedicated to the pursuit of freedom. The Justice Center of America founded by Morris Dees is devoted to protecting and the most vulnerable members of American society from hate and injustice through litigation, political action and advocacy for human rights, civil rights, and criminal rights.