10 05, 2018

An Open Letter From Hunters About Gun Reform

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By Daniel Ashe from Huffington Post We are Republican, Democratic and independent. We come from the East, South, Midwest and West. We are conservative, progressive and liberal. We are men and women. We include eight members of the Circle of Chiefs, the highest conservation honor [...]

10 05, 2018

America’s Paranoid Heart Is the NRA Convention

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By Hamilton Nolan from Splinter News DALLAS, TX— On Saturday, just after the anti-gun protest, I joined the NRA. Thirty bucks. It entitled me to a one-year subscription of American Rifleman and an entire weekend spent sinking deeper and deeper into a welcoming swamp of perpetual war. The [...]

26 04, 2018

Our Gunpowder Nation

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by FNRA I read an article on a very well-known rifle association’s website that lead with this question: “Why do we even have a Second Amendment?” The rest of the article –  a poor attempt to propagate the idea that gun reform equates to a [...]

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