A union carpenter who slipped on ice and sustained a permanent leg injury has reached a $10 million settlement with the companies he sued in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas.

Plaintiff Mike Little, 43, working as a union carpenter as a member of Local 158 for a job managed by First State Mechanical, slipped on an icy patch caused by a broken water pipe, according to Little’s attorney, Brian Fritz of Philadelphia firm Fritz & Bianculli.

According to the plaintiffs’ court papers, Little, who fractured his ankle and sustained nerve injuries in his right leg, required five surgical procedures, multiple rounds of injections and now suffers from complex regional pain syndrome.

On Oct. 25, following mediation overseen by German, Gallagher & Murtagh partner Gary Gremminger, defendants Sulpizio Mechanical paid $1.95 million and First State Mechanical paid $8.05 million, according to Fritz, who said Little’s supervisor was an admitted opioid abuser, and had abandoned the icy construction site to visit a food truck when Little was injured.

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